Make a submission

As part of the review process, the review committee wants to hear public views on Australia’s counter-terrorism laws and encourages you to make a submission. 

Email your submissions to:

Send your hard copy submissions to:

COAG Counter Terrorism Review Secretariat
Security Law Branch
3–5 National Circuit

Submissions must be made to the committee by 21 September 2012

Publishing submissions

We will publish submissions received electronically on this website at our discretion (unless you indicate otherwise). The following formats are preferred:

  1. Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX)
  2. Rich Text Format (RTF)
  3. txt format (TXT).

Please limit individual file size to less than 5MB. PDF documents may be created from the above formats. Electronic documents created by scanning hard copy documents may not be able to be published.

Hardcopy submissions received by mail or fax will still be considered by the review committee, however they will not be published on the website.

When making a submission you should be aware that your personal details may be published if they are included in the submission. To avoid this, you should include your personal details on a cover sheet, which can be removed before it is published.

Submissions received

The following submissions have been received. Please note draft or confidential submissions are not included.